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We are now offering older, trained Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle puppies!!!
Due to increased requests for older, trained puppies, we have decided to offer all of our puppies as trained puppies with different levels of training.
If you want to receive a puppy between the ages of 12 wks- 8 months  that has been fully vaccinated, crate and leash trained and possibly started on house training, and had some basic obedience already done then this option may be for you!  See our puppy training page for details of the four different options.  Door-to-door delivery available to most areas  -450.00 COD

From the owner of Penny, mini Goldendoodle that had the highschool training, -" Just wanted you to know how much I adore my 'baby'. She adapted to our home so quickly, knows our routine, rings her bell, understands the word 'no', climbs into her cage on demand and is ever so lovable!!  She had her first grooming 2-1/2 weeks ago and it is just now grown out to where we love it!  We can tell that her breed is obviously a smart one, just by the way she picks up on things so quickly. .....Thanks again for training and loving her during her first few months of life!!- Kevi

Kody is now RESERVED !  Click his pic to go to his page!

Kody, blk male, available

Sammy is an apricot mini Goldendoodle, f1b, non-shed soft wavy- curly coat. He is extremely social, loving, and smart! Sammy has been alot of places, has met alot of people and will be a great candidate for a therepy dog. He is very attentive, quick to learn, willing, and did I mention sweet!  He is finished with his associates training which means he is trained in basic obedience, house trained ( rings bell on door), neutered, groomed, and has been extensively socialized. Sammy just passed his AKC Canine Good Citizens test on 3-20-20!   He is ready now at 8 months of age. Sammy was born June 17th our of our Daisy and Lincoln. Adoption fee for Sammy is 15,000.00 which reflects his associate training level. Click his pic to go to his page!  SAMMY IS NOW ADOPTED!

First time in snow 2-7-20

First time in snow 2-7-20

Drew is  a gorgeous red, wavy mini Goldendoodle, 7 months old, who is working on his Associates degree training. He also just passed his Canine Good Citizens test on 3-20!   He will be ready the end of March. Drew is a super sweet, attentive, sharp little guy with a goofy disposition. He is a little clown who always seeks to please. His coat is a soft, wavy fleece, non-shed and hypoallergenic. Drew should mature to about 30 lbs. Drew is available to reserve and his adoption fee as an Associate-degree puppy is 15,000.00 which includes neuter, groom, microchip and everything outlined in the associate training. He will be approx 8 months of age. Click his pic to go to  his page!

Ginger is a 3-month old medium Goldendoodle with a grogeous caramel wavy coat. She is currently working on her Associates degree puppy training and should be ready around the first of June. Click the pic to go to her page.

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