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trained Bernedoodle puppy


 Want your puppy to have a great head-start

Not exactly ready for puppy when the puppies are ready to go ?
Not familiar with training a puppy and/or just would prefer to have it already done or started? 
    The levels of training that puppy may have are described below.  The prices below are to give you an idea of what to expect to pay for a puppy with any of the below-described levels of training. Call us if you wish to adopt a puppy with no training and we can arrange for you to reserve before training starts.

Goldendoodles, Aussiedoodles and Bernedoodles Puppy Training

Puppy Kindergarten - ( 1month) -   This option is great for those who are familiar with training a young puppy but would like a little head-start. It is crate/leash training, basic manners .  He/she will be a little older , which helps with the whole ' holding it' thing.   He/she will be given the 9 wk and the 12-wk vaccination with this option and another de-worming or two.  Puppy would be around 12  wks or so when you get him.  

The fee for the one-month training is $1,000.00 which  is included in the price of a kindergarten level puppy. So, a puppy costing 3,000.00 will be 4,000.00 after completing kindergarten.



Goldendoodles, Aussiedoodles and Bernedoodles Puppy Training

Grammar school-( 2 months) - The grammar school level puppy will be approx 16 weeks old and will have had two months of training building on the previous level. Puppy will be fully crate trained and able to make it through the night most nights  and several hours through the day in the crate. Puppy will be started on the 'sit', 'down', and 'no',  commands and introduced to the tell bell on the door when going outside from the crate. Manners ( no bite, no jump, etc) will be enforced in this program as well as increased socialization, introduction to grooming, car rides, and manners.   Fee for a grammar school level puppy will be 5,500.00 total.

Puppy High School- ( Beginning House and Obedience Training-  3 months)- This training option includes everything described in the Grammar School and adds introduction to  House Training. A High school level puppy will be approx 5 months old. Puppy will spend time in the house away from the other puppies and be encouraged to going to the door, touching the bell  with guidance and reward, before going out and encouraged to potty in yard. Treats and praise are always our methods used in any training situation. After a successful ' go' in the yard, puppy will walk on leash and do some simple commands such as ' sit', ' down', and the recall command, all the while working on manners such as not jumping up on people, walking nicely on the leash, etc. With this option puppy will also be taken on car rides and pet-friendly facilities and get to meet strangers to work on socialization with others besides us. After completion, puppy will be well on his way to being house-trained and with supervision and consistency he will have very few accidents.  Keep in mind, puppy is still a puppy, and this is beginning house training. You will need to be consistent and continue the same training when you get him home. Your house and people are new, and it will take time for him to adjust and learn your body language and routine. No puppy can be expected to be 100% house trained until about a year old, so please know that there will still be a little effort required from you to complete his house training. If you are not picking up in person, we will send a video of what we are doing so you can see how to continue his training once you get him. I will also send home a summary of what we have done and what you need to do to be successful once you get him home. We are always available for any questions you may have as you get him settled in. A puppy  that has completed the high school training will be 7,500.00.


AKC Canine Good Citizen, Drew

Associates Degree: We are now offering a more extensive, more complete house training option for those who really want an older puppy/ young adult that is almost 100% house reliable. This puppy will be 6-8 months of age, and will have had  4 months of training and has lived exclusively in the trainers house for at least 2 months. He/ she will be spayed or neutered, groomed, taken on car rides, and met strangers on a regular basis. This puppy will be 6-8 months of age and ready to be a great new family member with very little work on your part. There is still a transition period  and we will instruct you on how to best handle the first few weeks.                        Adoption fee for an associate degree puppy / young adult will be $ 15,000.00 total. 

Stormy at 5 months

From the owner of Stormy, our Bernedoodle 6- month old just out of the high school training......"Stormy has been such an amazing addition to our family. We drove to Liberty Pines to pick her up, and the second we met her we knew how special she was. Getting a puppy seemed overwhelming to us, but all of the stress that comes along with training a dog was erased. Every promise that Melisa made about her training was completely true. She knows all of her commands, goes straight to the door when she needs out, and could not be more loving and social. After only having her for a week, it feels like she has been our dog forever. Since she is so well trained and socialized, we are able to take her everywhere with us!  People are shocked at how young she is because she is just so well behaved. Stormy has really exceeded all of our expectations and we could not imagine doing it any other way."


Skyler the Bernedoodle
bernedoodle puppy from Liberty Pines


From Pam, the owner of Sammie from Maggys Bernedoodle litter who went home at 5 months to be a therepy dog  ....." Your little girl is doing great. She is a rock star at the mission. She just loves people so much and is incredibly gentle and sweet. Best temperament for a therepy dog I've ever seen. No car sickness -no potty problems. She LOVES snow! You should be very proud of this girl! I've never seen a pup this age handle herself so well." 

trained Goldendoodle puppies at Liberty Pines

Goldendoodles, Aussiedoodles and Bernedoodles Puppy Training

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