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Just wanted to write and let you know how much we love our Savannah!!! She has fit into our family so well it's hard to remember life before her!!! My boys are crazy about her and so are we. She is the most gentle, loving, and thoughtful to play with but loves to snuggle best of all :)
She can sit, stay, lay down, shake a paw and give high fives! Never has accidents in the house and can be left a few hours alone without a disaster. There is nothing like her little wagging tail and kisses when you come through the door!!! She truly is an angel of a dog and we are forever thankful to you!!

Our neighbors fell in love with Savannah and went to you and found her litter mate Buster. He is quite the character!!! Lovable, ornery and lots of fun just like a true boy!! He and Savannah have a big time playing together everyday. I attached a picture of them nuzzling each other :)

So again thank you for the wonderful pups you raised!! We will keep in touch, hope you and your family are well. God bless!!

Ferris family

Aspen is 14 weeks , she is very smart, has learned several tricks and is using the bells on door to go potty! She had her 3 months shots and weighed 11.8 pounds last week! She is a spoiled little pooch!


just a quick note to let you know that Georgie is doing great! she's a total sweetheart, is doing a great job sleeping in her crate and is a wonderful addition to the family (and is enjoying the snow)!



Hi Melisa,

I just wanted to give you an update on Hailey.  We picked her up from you on January 19th, 2013.  Since then she has brought so much love and joy into our home!  She is smart, playful, loving and She is the LOVED BEYOND WORDS!  ATTACHED ARE SOME PICTURES FOR YOU TO ENJOY! 
Thank you again for Hailey!
Kerri-Ann Westbay


Darci in her new home

Hi Melisa!
You did do the training for me for Darcy. She did great from day one. She cried off and on in her crate the first night we brought her home from you, but hasn't one night since. I just tell her to 'get in your house' now and she goes to her crate. She did have accidents the first few weeks, but it was maybe once or twice a day. It was always right by our front door, which is the door that she goes out for her potty breaks. We bought one of those door bells not long after we got her and, now, that's the only way we know to take her out. She tells us when it's time. She has been so easy!
She's gotten old enough that we don't leave her in her crate unless we are going to be gone for several hours. She stays out in the house now and doesn't bother a thing or have accidents. She also doesn't sleep in her crate anymore.... She sleeps with my husband.... Yes, the guy that didn't want her! 

Mulligan, previous puppy

Mulligan, previous puppy

........ is the joy of our lives and every single person who meets her loves her instantly. She's been a particular blessing to our next door neighbor...........and her family after the tragic loss of their dog, Blue. They constantly "invite" Maddie over for play dates and I can see how much joy having her around has brought them. Which is why we could not be more thrilled that they've decided to adopt a Liberty Pines Doodle themselves!!

We are all counting down the days until Tuck arrives ........

I have been thinking about you lately as they've made plans for Tuck's arrival and I thought you might enjoy seeing how one of your babies is doing now. Thank you for making not only my life so full, but my neighbors' as well. 

We are so thankful for you!

Rocco has been the perfect addition to our family. He brings so much happiness and joy to us. He was born June 30th and arrived home August 30.  He is now 32lbs and is so much fun.  I am considering getting another one this coming summer.   Thank you. Philip 



HI there!  I wasn’t sure if your email was still the same, but I was going through old ones tonight and wanted to send you one of our sweet Lucy.  She will be 3 this August and it will be 3 years since we brought her home in October.  She has adapted so well into our family and we all just love her to pieces.  She is the sweetest thing and so tolerant of my three girls and all the fun they have with her.  She sleeps with Drew and I at night, right at the end of our bed, such a cuddle bug. Thanks for giving her such a great start!......Laura B.


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