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Here's What People Are Saying......


We are so happy with him and how great a personality he has.  We could not have chosen a better dog for our limited family at this point.  He is very funny and wears his heart on his sleeve.  Bender loves all other dogs in the park and makes dog and people friends very quickly.  It is an absolute joy having him in our lives.  I cannot believe I went 30 years without a dog, sepecially one as great as Bender.  Thanks for the fun,...... Aaron Goldbeerg

I wanted to give you an update on Lilly.  She is an absolute joy to have!  She weighs 14 lbs at 4 months old.  She is very playful and friendly, but not the least bit hyper.  She never barks!  And  the two times she has and I think she scared herself.  I have had many dogs and assorted other pets and I have loved all of them.  However, none have been so easy to train- housebreaking was a breeze.  And none have been as calm and sweet, yet playful as her.  Thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog.  P.S. My Vet thinks Lilly will be ready to start therepy dog certification.  She is so loving that I've decided that I really need to share her with others------------Nancy Smith

Thought you'd like to see the picture of our doodle that was pictured in he community newspaper in Ocean Pines Maryland.  He just passed his dog obedience class and of course, was the cutest and smartest puppy there.  We love him..........Diane and Mike Heath

Enter content here Ginger, aka Peachy, is the most wonderful dog we could have ever asked for  She is everything that you said she was; sweet disposition, calm, loving, incredibly social, and has a great spunkiness to her  All of the children and my husband, and I, absolutely love her!  She is another family member... She is a perfect size..... Please know that you have made us one very thankful and happy family!  Colleen Foley

We can't thank you enough for such a wonderful dog as Sam.  He is a special dog.  He brings a smile to everyone who sees him.  So many people ask me two questions: What kind of dog is he and Where did you get him?  I can't " sing your praises" enough.  Wherever we take him, people fall in love with him.  Thank you for all your hard work and effort to bring us together.------------Mary and Paul Stein and Bridget

Just thought I'd let you know that Kali is doing great, she's turning into the best friend you could ask for.  We just finished 8 wks of puppy training and 6 wks advanced training- she is one smart dog!  She loves other dogs, kids, and people.  She's very friendly!  Wherever we go people ask about her, she's so cute and of course puts on a little show, she's a big hit!  Thanks again for Kali!----------------Ray Caron

Hi Melisa, Toby is doing great! He is such a smart and loving puppy.  We have recommended you to several of our friends.  You have made our family so very happy.  Thank you! We love our little man.  You are doing great things.-----------------Cathy Zonies

Just a few updated pictures of Georgia- She is the love of our lives!!  She is the most precious, sweet, delicious, BEST dog and we absolutely ador her!  I rave about how wonderful a breeder you are to everyone!  Whatever you did to make this incredible dog, you sure did it right!  Thank you for bringing her into our lives.--------The Kaplans

Jake is the perfect dog.  He has been great in and around the house, listens well and is learning all sorts of tricks.  He is great with the kids and a great watch dog when the front door opens, though he barks from the top of the stairs so you can't get him.  He is very easy to train.  He has been a treat to have.  He is a huge part of our family.  Anyone who sees him is really impressed and most people have never seen a mini Labradoodle.----------Ken

Hi Melisa, I just wanted to let you know how things are going.  We're calling the puppy Sophie.  She is doing better than I could have hoped for.  She has been very calm yet playful.  It shows that she has been well socialised and handled.  She is also doing great in the crate- slept through the night with no accidents so far!  Thanks, we're in love with her already!-------------------Shannon

Just wanted to drop you a note and say Rudy is doing just fine.  He is the best dog in the world.  He must be part human.  The kids love him and he does not have a mean bone in his body.  He seems to have adapted to Florida weather without a problem and is becoming quite the swimmer.  He never has chewed or destroyed anything in the house since we had him.  Ryan says he makes a good sleeping buddy.  Thanks for a great dog--------------Shane O' Neil

She's an amazingly smart and friendly little girl.  Took her for her first swim the other day.   she jumped in the first minute of being near the pool and paddled like a veteran!!!  I'm very happy to have her in my life.-------------Jen




Enter content here

Melisa,    I've been meaning to write to you to tell you what a wonderful dog we have.  Rudy is 2  1/2 yrs old, we picked him up from Liberty Pines in October of 2007.  He's simply the greatest , Smart and healthy with a world class disposition.  He's been incredibly easy to train since the moment we brought him home- from housebreaking to obedience and tricks.  He loves the water and really goes crazy in the snow.  He gets along with everyone- humans and other dogs.  He's the most popular dog in our neighborhood.  We can't keep the neighborhood children out of our yard when Rudy's outside.  My family is convinced that he's perfect in every way.  -------John Rosner

I thought I'd write you a quick update on Daisy!  The first month she's been in our little family has been wonderful!  She has such a sweet disposition and gets alot of compliments when we go out on walks.  Her health has been well: she is great at the vet..... We have signed her up for a puppy class to learn a few obedience commands and to get her socialized.  However, your 4-week crate training was the biggest help getting her situated to a new living environment.  She's learned some commands, like sit and down, but stay has been the trickiest of all.  She's more than willing to learn with a little food motivation and I think, overall, she loves the mental challenge of learning new things.  You have certainly done an amazing job with your breeding and we want to thank you! --------------------------Jennifer

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