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Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale Kentucky

This page is meant to help new puppy buyers know what to expect and what to ( and what not to) ask for when securing a puppy from Liberty Pines.  It's content is meant to be funny but serious, so if you don't have a sense of humor, you may get your feelings hurt, my apologies in advance.                                                                                                                                                                                                First, please realize that you are more than likely one of many of the people that we are working with at any given time.  You are very important to us, and we will do our very best to accommodate your every need, however, please realize that we are human, therefore have limitations.  The care, training, and socializing of your puppy are priorities, not picture taking . 




We will try to get at least one new set of pictures for you between the time you pick puppy and the time puppy leaves to come to you.  They really don't change that much from week 7 to week 8, so please don't expect new pictures every week while puppy is here.  


Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale

Transport:  we are pleased to be able to offer a special service that not many other breeders can offer- personal door to door delivery.  Our driver is a company of his own and drives puppies and dogs for other people besides us, so he stays on the road pretty much 24-7.  He brings puppy right to your door.  The price for this service is $450.00 COD.  He can deliver your puppy anywhere in the U.S.   We start planning the transport as soon as we have a couple sold to the same area.  We almost always end up with a few add-ons as time grows nearer, so the estimated times that we gave you In the beginning will likely change.  We will plan the approx. days for the transport early on, and sometimes that has to change too. We try to accommodate everyone and their busy schedules.  As you know, sometimes things can change and we have to re- do the expected ETA's.  So, please try to be understanding of things that are not in our control.  The driver will call you when he is about an hour from you, so please don't get stressed when you haven't gotten your puppy on the exact hour that we gave you for an eta.  The driver covers several hundreds of miles between my house and yours and almost always gets stuck in NYC or DC traffic.  It's unavoidable, sorry.  


Reserving puppy:  Please make sure to print off and completely fill out the application and contract and send in with your deposit.  Even if you are paying by paypal, we still need to have a record of where each puppy is going and weather or not you are wanting training. We need your complete address and phone numbers to arrange transport.  Very often I get checks in the mail and no note or application and all it says is ' deposit for puppy'.  That's fine, but which puppy, LOL!  I have probably talked with a dozen people between the time I have talked with you and the time your check arrives, so I need to have the application along with the check please

Payment is due in full at four weeks, unless, of course, the puppy is older than that when you reserve him. This is to make sure that all the payments are in and cleared before pick up or transport.  I have found that if I remind people at four weeks, it will still be a week or two before they get it out and then three or four days for it to arrive.  Then it takes 10 days to clear.  I really don't like to remind people,  so please just plan to send in your balance at four to five weeks so we can wrap things up in time for your puppy to come home.  If you have a question about your balance, let me know.  

Lastly, please make sure to read over the pages, most of the information that you will want is there.  I always welcome questions and will spend as much time as you need to get all your questions answered. 

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