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Testimonials II
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More Testimonials
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Hi Melisa-
Just wanted to send you a couple pix of Nutmeg on her 1st birthday! She weighs about 30 pounds and is a total joy. She has brought a lot if happiness to our family, and her personality and temperment are perfectly matched to us. We've done two rounds of training, and she has done really well. We love her so much!

We've been meaning to send you a quick note to say how thankful we are for our family additions. They are simply amazing!  So loving, fun and intelligent.

I took a couple of pictures this evening, and it seemed like a perfect chance to let you see how they are doing.

Your husband, I think, had named him Rusty, but he has been Jasper since before we were out of Morehead. Your description of his Mom holds very true to him as well. So smart, so incredibly sweet and very fun.

The younger female is Cicili. We joke that she is a living Build-A-Bear. So soft and cuddly. But she is quite smart as well, and she can keep up with Jasper without a problem. They are best buds, too!

Thank you again for such terrific additions to our family.  They are loved!

I just wanted you to know how wonderful Duece is doing.  He's really a special puppy.  He Has a great personality.  He's very chill but also playful.  He loves all people and other dogs.  The owner of our building says he's the best dog in the building.  He never barks and doesn't shed a hair!   He has truly made a wonderful addition to our family.  ---- Carolyn

Just wanted to let you know that Lily is doing awesome!  She is just the best puppy-so smart and good natured.  She is going to play with friends one day a week and we are also doing training with her.  She learns very fast...... Thank you so much for our awesome puppy!  We know that the love she got from your family helped make her such a great addition to our family........ Kim

Hi Melissa

He is doing great settling right in! Still working on housebreaking but besides that he is very good. I have to tell you he is so loving, well -tempered and gentle, which is a direct reflection on how you treat your puppies so thank you!



I am sending a couple of pictures of our f1b Goldendoodle that we purchased from you 5 1/2 years ago. His groomer, Donna Walter encouraged me to send a picture of him and I have thought about it before so I am sending some now. Also, I want you to know that he is the sweetest dog and absolutely no trouble. We just love him and so does Donna as you know from talking to her! He has the softest, most beautiful colored fur and he has been very healthy. We are so glad that we got him!



We've had Baxter since mid April and he is the most wonderful addition to our house.  He seems to have maxed out at 9 months at 15 lbs but looks much larger because of all his beautiful fluffy fur....which I can't keep my hands out of. There wasn't a moment that I've looked down at him and regretted making the investment...he's not only my special little boy, he is also the most well behaved puppy.  I get people stopping me all the time asking what kind of dog he is because he is so darned cute!   He house trained very quickly and also does great walking on the lead, playing fetch off lead and playing with the children.  I just wanted to say thanks and let you know that you have another happy customer here.  .... Maria and family

Dolly's previous puppy at 9 months. --- We absolutely love her and are so happy with her.  She loves to play, fetch, take long walks, and hasn't met anyone she doesn't like.  Of course everyone just falls in love with her, too. We are so glad we found you and our little Doodle.   Thanks again,  Sarah

Melissa and David,

I thought I would send you all some updated photos of Mulligan. He is doing wonderfully! We go to puppy training class every Tuesday and he is always the first one to pick up on the new command. He is such a joy to have. I have recommended you all to several people who have fallen in love with Mulligan and think they may want a puppy of their own. I hope you all are doing well!



Pumpkin and Scooby are such a joy to our family.  They have adjusted well to crate training and we just spend alot of time outside otherwise.  Thanks for helping bring more unconditional love into our home.-----J.H.



I just wanted to send an updated photo of Daisy O'Hoppe in Darien,CT. She turned 2 this month and is such a great dog! She is a wonderful addition to our family and so amazing with children.



I thought I would update you on Rudy. He is awesome, getting bigger(19 lbs.) & such a joy. The crate is working out fine now, our vet suggested I move it into my closet because he smells your sent there & usually feels safe.It works awesome, sometimes when we are home he will go in there & lay down. He is 99.9 % house broken & rings the bell to go out. Loves his toys so much. He is so smart we just can't believe how much he is learning so fast. Thank you so much for breeding such amazing pets, I will send a picture soon.  I will also add I think the training you did the first month made bringing Rudy so much easier.I would highly recommend spending the extra for training.It has been so easy to continue his training & he is so eager to please. Thanks so much.-   Vikki

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